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Women's Workout Shorts

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Maroon Womens Pole & Gym Shorts
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DARTFROG sports shorts are always the best materials, colors that will make you stand out in the crowd, comfort in every situation, as well as versatility and durability. Our women's elastic sports shorts have been designed from scratch in cooperation with the best trainers and athletes in disciplines such as pole dance, running, volleyball, and even surfing. Our dream was to create perfect womens compression sports shorts for every active woman—workout shorts that will be ideal for indoor, outdoor, and even water activities. So get Yourself a pair of the most advanced womens workout shorts, which will give you the snug support you need while allowing total natural flexibility.
To meet all Your requirements and needs, we have created styles of shorts, among which you will definitely be able to choose your favorite kind. No matter which model of shorts you prefer, you can always be sure of the highest quality, designs that are truly unique, and above-average comfort and durability.
Our Shorts are always made with high-performing, moisture-wicking fabrics in all sorts of fun patterns; DARTFROG womens compression shorts are also totally squat-proof, so you can drop it low pretty much anywhere without stressing.